Grexter Living
What is Grexter?
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Grexter is a chain of carefully curated and state-of-the-art coliving spaces specially designed for the young.
What is coliving?
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Co-living isn’t quite a new concept as you would have believed. From a well-furnished living room and kitchen with all modern equipment and appliances, co-living basically caters to all the needs of an individual sans the responsibilities.
Why choose Grexter?
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Grexter provides beautiful co-living spaces at affordable prices. When you move into our property, everything will be provided for, ensuring a hassle free stay. Above all, you get to stay with super awesome people. We strive to engage our community with exciting events which are mentioned in detail next.
What kind of engagement can I expect at Grexter?
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Life at Grexter is like a page of your journal. Filled with experiences and memorable events. We are always on the lookout to entertain you and also help you pick up a skill or two. With events carefully crafted for building professional relationships and networking, you’ll have all the right reasons to turn your next big idea into a reality. If there’s one thing that we know, it’s all work and no play makes us dull. Our monthly rendezvous sessions and festivals are a big hit with the community. You’ll have a great time with the people around at the same time feel secure and be at ease, we can guarantee that you’ll have your privacy at all times.Our community is internet savvy, you’ll be able to find the grexter gang on all social media platforms and be able to connect with the community whenever needed.
Are all Grexter properties exactly the same?
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We try to standardize our offerings as much as possible. However, some services are subject to inclusivity and availability which differs from property to property, depending upon the area, building facilities and other factors.